Water Quality Monitoring, Modelling and Management

Water quality assessment forms an important part of many of our projects.

Our expertise includes modelling of pollutants in mine site water management systems, as well as design of water quality management measures for large and small scale urban development. We collate and interpret baseline and post-development water quality data sets to characterise background conditions and identify project impacts. We also have experience in interpretation of water quality data for the establishment of water quality objectives, consistent with national and state regulatory frameworks for water quality management.

Case studies

Low flow in Maules Creek

Maules Creek Coal Project

EIS Surface Water Impact Assessment and Water Management Plan

Assessment of site drainage, site water balance, flood impacts and water monitoring program

An engineered waterway channel at Fitzgibbon


A comprehensive flood and stormwater management strategy for the Fitzgibbon Urban Development Area

The strategy maximised developable area while ensuring no adverse impact downstream

Landscaped low flow channel

Springfield Development

Flood and stormwater management for one of Australia’s largest urban developments

The adopted strategy maximised the developable area of the site

Other projects

Narrabri Coal Mine

Narrabri, New South Wales

  • Stormwater drainage management
  • Disposal of saline groundwater
  • Environmental compliance
  • Water balance
  • Water Management Plan.

Isaac Plains Coal Mine

Moranbah, Queensland

  • Isaac River Flood and Erosion Assessment
  • Stream Diversion Design
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Water Management Plan.

Cooroy Residential Development

Appearance as an Expert Witness in the Land and Environment Court.

Regarding the impact on catchment drinking water quality of a proposed 75 lot residential and motel development in Cooroy, located in a drinking water catchment.

Noosa Shire Council