River Engineering and Geomorphology

We regularly undertake assessments to characterise the geomorphology of creek and river systems in varying landscapes.

We have designed numerous engineered creek and river diversions, as well as bed and bank protection works that have stood the test of time. Our design methodology is based on understanding the hydraulic and geomorphic characteristics and performance of natural systems to ensure that the engineered system mimics the natural system that is being replaced. This maximises the likelihood of an engineered system that will function effectively in the long term.

Case studies

Drainage infrastructure

Bakers One

Trunk drainage assessment to support development opportunities

Developed an integrated suite of water quality and drainage infrastructure for the Bakers One catchment to facilitate future development

Landscaped low flow channel

Springfield Development

Flood and stormwater management for one of Australia’s largest urban developments

The adopted strategy maximised the developable area of the site

Other projects

Wandoan Coal Project EIS Surface Water Studies

Wandoan, Queensland

Independent expert peer review of the hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, creek diversion and surface water management studies undertaken to determine the flood and surface water impacts of the proposed Wandoan Coal Project.

Xstrata Coal

Narrabri Coal Mine

Narrabri, New South Wales

  • Stormwater drainage management
  • Disposal of saline groundwater
  • Environmental compliance
  • Water balance
  • Water Management Plan.

Isaac Plains Coal Mine

Moranbah, Queensland

  • Isaac River Flood and Erosion Assessment
  • Stream Diversion Design
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Water Management Plan.

Middlemount Coal Mine

MIddlemount, Queensland

  • Roper Creek Flood Study
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Water Balance.

Tallow Creek Flood Study

Two-dimensional flood modelling of Tallow Creek and its floodplain to assess the impact of various developments on flooding.

Byron Shire Council and various developers