Insurance Assessments

WRM is Australia’s most experienced provider of hydrologic advice to the insurance industry. We have provided thousands of site specific assessment reports, as well as overview reports for a particular disaster area to allow insurers to obtain an early indication of their potential liability.

WRM staff have provided advice to insurers on virtually every major flood in Australia in the last 15 years. Our experience ranges from small residential claims to some of Australia’s largest commercial claims. We have undertaken forensic assessment of the cause of business interruption and flood damage to central Queensland coal mines and other major infrastructure projects.

A key element of our approach to providing hydrologic advice to the insurance industry is our project management framework.  This is particularly important for major disasters where there are often a large number of properties to be inspected and intense community and media pressure to decide claims.

Senior WRM staff are recognised experts in matters relating to flooding and insurance.  Our reports provide the key information necessary for the insurer to make a quick and accurate decision on policy liability.  For critical or high value claims, WRM’s expertise in flood modelling allows us to undertake more detailed levels of investigation which may be required to support our clients through different levels of appeal, such as FOS and the courts.

Case studies

Flooding in Ipswich, Queensland in 2011

Regional and Site Specific Assessment of Flood Behaviour

Assessment of the cause of inundation for residential, commercial, industrial and mining property and infrastructure

WRM has provided advice on virtually every flood in Australia in the last 10 years