Flood Modelling and Floodplain Management

We have extensive experience in all aspects of flood hydrology and hydraulics.

We routinely develop hydrologic and hydraulic models of catchment systems, from a small urban catchment to a major river system. We understand the complexities of large catchment flood studies, including the importance of spatial variability in rainfall and hydrologic parameters, as well as the need to verifying rating curves. We routinely use a wide range of hydrologic and hydraulic models, including two-dimensional hydraulic models.

In addition to our core technical skills in flood modelling, some of our senior staff have been working in floodplain management for more than 3 decades. We have undertaken a large number of floodplain management studies to assess and manage existing flood risks, likely future flood risk and residual flood risk. We also have extensive experience in dam break flooding, flood damage and flood forecasting and warning investigations. We have had input to key policy documents, such as the New South Wales Floodplain Management Manual and Floodplain Management in Australia, Best Practice Principles and Guidelines.

Case studies

Tennant Creek Stormwater Investigation

Drainage characteristics in Tennant Creek are complex, particularly during large flow events

The key challenge was to develop an understanding of the drainage behaviour and limitations of the Tennant Creek network

Kilgariff Flood and Stormwater Management Plan

The site is affected by regional flooding from the Todd River

The key challenge was to define a drainage strategy that was sympathetic to the local environment

Katherine Flood and Flood Mitigation Studies

The key challenge for this project was to identify cost-effective flood risk management measures

The flood modelling showed that it is possible to significantly reduce flooding of properties in Katherine during smaller more frequent floods

Kalkarindji and Daguragu Floodplain Mapping Study

Kalkarindji is a growing major remote township

The NT Government wanted to identify flood-free land within the Kalkarindji township and environs

Borroloola Floodplain Mapping Study

Borroloola has a long history of flooding from the McArthur River

The study results assisted the NT Government to develop safer and more resilient communities

Adelaide River Town Flood Study

A comprehensive flood study and impact assessment of the Mackenzie River

The flood model results were used to identify the existing flood risk and flood hazards throughout the Adelaide River town

Flooding in the Mackenzie River 2010–2011

Mackenzie River Flood Study

A comprehensive flood study and impact assessment of the Mackenzie River

The results of the modelling studies were used in detailed design of the proposed levee

Mackay Ring Road

Mackay Ring Road

A major infrastructure planning study for the Mackay Ring Road

The completed report considered all potential impacts including flooding and community concerns

Pioneer River aerial

Pioneer River

Estimation of design flood discharges and flood levels along the Pioneer River

A comprehensive set of flood depth and hazard maps was developed for a range of design events

Low flow in Maules Creek

Maules Creek Coal Project

EIS Surface Water Impact Assessment and Water Management Plan

Assessment of site drainage, site water balance, flood impacts and water monitoring program

An engineered waterway channel at Fitzgibbon


A comprehensive flood and stormwater management strategy for the Fitzgibbon Urban Development Area

The strategy maximised developable area while ensuring no adverse impact downstream

Wivenhoe Dam Fuseplug Spillway

Wivenhoe Dam Spillway Upgrade Alliance

Hydrologic and hydraulic modelling

Design of spillway upgrade to reduce flood risk to communities below Wivenhoe Dam

McArthur River Mine

McArthur River Mine

Site water balance and flood risk assessment to support EIS for mine expansion

Ongoing advice on operations and management of risks

Drainage infrastructure

Bakers One

Trunk drainage assessment to support development opportunities

Developed an integrated suite of water quality and drainage infrastructure for the Bakers One catchment to facilitate future development

Landscaped low flow channel

Springfield Development

Flood and stormwater management for one of Australia’s largest urban developments

The adopted strategy maximised the developable area of the site

Redbank Motorway Estate location

Redbank Motorway Estate

Stormwater management plan for the proposed Redbank Motorway Estate

MIKE11 and TUFLOW modelling of the Brisbane River

Ipswich Motorway Upgrade

Expert opinion and detailed modelling following damage to abutments

Modelling allowed accurate assessment of hydraulic designs and flood impacts

Other projects

Wandoan Coal Project EIS Surface Water Studies

Wandoan, Queensland

Independent expert peer review of the hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, creek diversion and surface water management studies undertaken to determine the flood and surface water impacts of the proposed Wandoan Coal Project.

Xstrata Coal

Traveston (Mary River) Dam Flood Study Review

Gympie, Queensland

Independent expert peer review of the hydrologic (URBS/RORB) and hydraulic (MIKE 11) modelling of the Mary River undertaken for the proposed Traveston (Mary River) Dam.

Sunwater/Queensland Water Initiative

Hunter Valley Operations Carrington Pit Extension

Singleton, New South Wales

  • Hunter River Flood and Erosion Assessment
  • Stream Diversion Design
  • Environmental assessment.

Isaac Plains Coal Mine

Moranbah, Queensland

  • Isaac River Flood and Erosion Assessment
  • Stream Diversion Design
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Water Management Plan.

Middlemount Coal Mine

MIddlemount, Queensland

  • Roper Creek Flood Study
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Water Balance.

Alice Springs Farms Area Flood Mapping Study

Two dimensional flood modelling of the Todd River downstream of Alice Springs to determine design flood levels including the impact of sediment transport.

Flood mapping for land use planning and emergency management.

Department of Planning and Infrastructure

Tallow Creek Flood Study

Two-dimensional flood modelling of Tallow Creek and its floodplain to assess the impact of various developments on flooding.

Byron Shire Council and various developers