Environmental Impact Assessment

WRM has successfully completed more than 50 environmental impact studies ranging from small approval modifications to major greenfield projects.

Our environmental impact studies typically include a review of background information on water quality and quantity, modelling to quantify impacts, and the development of mitigation and management measures. We liaise with project design teams to ensure consistency between the impact assessment and infrastructure design.

We understand the key regulatory requirements and preferences for impact studies and deliver comprehensive assessments that address regulator and community concerns. Our experience helps us to minimise delays associated with requests for further information.

We also assist our clients with pre-approval liaison with regulators and other stakeholders, as well as post-approval design of management systems and management plans.

Case studies

Low flow in Maules Creek

Maules Creek Coal Project

EIS Surface Water Impact Assessment and Water Management Plan

Assessment of site drainage, site water balance, flood impacts and water monitoring program

McArthur River Mine

McArthur River Mine

Site water balance and flood risk assessment to support EIS for mine expansion

Ongoing advice on operations and management of risks

Other projects

Wandoan Coal Project EIS Surface Water Studies

Wandoan, Queensland

Independent expert peer review of the hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, creek diversion and surface water management studies undertaken to determine the flood and surface water impacts of the proposed Wandoan Coal Project.

Xstrata Coal

Narrabri Coal Mine

Narrabri, New South Wales

  • Stormwater drainage management
  • Disposal of saline groundwater
  • Environmental compliance
  • Water balance
  • Water Management Plan.

Hunter Valley Operations Carrington Pit Extension

Singleton, New South Wales

  • Hunter River Flood and Erosion Assessment
  • Stream Diversion Design
  • Environmental assessment.