About WRM

WRM knows water

Our specialist team has resolved water management issues for the private sector and all levels of government throughout Australia. We deal with water at all scales, from a single allotment to an entire river basin.

We help our clients manage risk and give them a well-researched, logical basis to deal with competing interests for water resources.


We understand our clients’ needs as well as water

Faced with many complex inputs and vast areas, it’s vital that engineers understand the specific requirements of each project. Our experience working with government and many different industries across Australia and internationally means that our work is always directly tailored to the needs of the client.

That experience also extends to working across diverse climates and geologies.


Skills to handle the most complex of problems

We’ve spent many years studying and working in all aspects of water engineering, and have developed a set of skills and experience which set us apart from other engineering firms. In fact, we’re often hired by other consulting companies to peer review their work.

We are able to overcome complex and rare problems with competing priorities, that are simply beyond the scope of more generalist companies.


Clever thinking, underpinned by thorough research

We know when – and how – to modify existing methods and designs to come up with original ways to meet each project’s unique challenges.

We do thorough research and take nothing for granted, resulting in tailor-made solutions that stand the test of time.


Robust, impartial advice that stands up to scrutiny

We’re proud of our reputation for thorough preparation and review of our technically robust reports, advice and recommendations.

To our clients, it adds up to confidence. We provide solutions that don’t have to be revisited, with all the delays that entails, and which stand up to public scrutiny and in court. We also have extensive experience as expert witnesses to back up our work.


Direct, hands-on involvement of our principals

Our directors are all highly experienced engineers who take direct responsibility for each project, meaning clients have direct access to someone capable of making quick and informed decisions.

We’re flexible and can deal with rapidly changing circumstances and quick turnaround times.

We listen.


Professional integrity is a core value

Our advice is always provided in the best interests of our client, the community and the environment. We’re honest and trustworthy in all we do.

We present all of the relevant facts so that our clients, regulators and the community understand the project risks.

We succeed when our clients succeed.